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Walk Around Magic For Adults!

Strolling Magician For Birthday Parties and Adult Events!


Vincent is a Professional Strolling Close-Up Magician!


Strolling or Walk Around Magic involves a Magician going from table to table approaching individuals or small groups sitting or standing and performing Magic right in front of them!


To see Vincent performing Walk Around Magic for People at Events, click on Adult Live Party Photos at the top left corner of this page!


For Weddings, while people are waiting in line for food or when the Bride and Groom are busy having photos taken, Walk Around Magic is a Great Idea to keep guests Entertained!


There are times when people may be standing or sitting around without much to do. Having a Strolling Magician helps create a better more enjoyable Fun Time for Everyone!


For Backyard Parties, Strolling Magic helps people socialise and it brings them together with Fun and Laughter!


Your guests may experience Mind-Reading, Magic and Illusions intermingled with Comedy without you having to carve out a specific time during your event for this service.


Vincent performs this Magic at Weddings, Company Events, Wine Tasting Parties, Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, Themed Events, Restaurants, Staff and Holiday Parties, Promotions, Trade Shows, Conferences, House Parties, Birthdays, BackYard Barbecues, Banquet Halls, Picnics, Parks, Indoors or Outdoors for any Fun Get-Together!


Vincent can also perform Walk Around Magic in One of his many Costumed Characters for Themed Events, such as, The Harry Potter Magician for Wizard Parties, Cowboy Vinny, and Pirate Vincenzo!


Why not invite Magical Entertainer Vincent to Perform Fun Entertaining Walk Around Magic at your Event!


Make your Party Much More Memorable!


Call: 416 438-0215

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